Thursday, September 28, 2017

2017 Gone in a Flash

It seems that this year is just flying buy. I have been very busy sewing, home renovations are being done, and ended up having heart surgery. Whew ... Now it is National Sewing Month and I haven't sewn much but have been doing a lot reading, Facebook group management, and resting to heal. I'll try to give y'all a little update on my sewing ... Worked on Easter dresses for underprivileged children at an inner city school ...

In April, I made some new ponte knit pants using Judy Kessinger's Master Pant Pattern ... Not the most flattering picture but black pants don't always show up very well in photos ...

In May, I took a 3 day Sue Green Baker course at Sew Carefree in Jackson, TN. Our instructor, Patsy Shields, was hoot. I won the crown for the most errors. Had a wonderful time and bought some accessories and supplies.
In June, I had heart surgery to replace my defibrillator that had worn out. I had been having dizzy spells as well as black outs. When I blacked out at my neighbor's home, it was time to do something besides adjust meds. Surgery was a success but the recovery has been very, very slow. No longer can I drive so I have to depend on hubby to drive me to all of my activities.
In September, our ASG chapter was represented at the Delta Fair & Music Festival. Here is our display area where we demonstrated using different machines and techniques. We've gained some new ASG members for our efforts.
I was so thrilled to get some gifts in the mail ... From my friend in Slidell, LA, I got this package of Madeira rayon thread.

Then this week, I got this from Judy Kessinger and Julie Witham ... I am so very happy as this will help me improve on my sewing skills ...

Happy Sewing Everyone!!!


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