Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Rush Job

On last Tuesday morning, I got a phone call from Jan Hamilton of the Delta Fair & Music Festival who needed someone who could make 6 boxed tablecloths. I told her that I would do it in exchange for a donation to my church, St Luke's UMC. She brought me the fabric & measurements - 8ft x 2ft x 41 inches. I was able to start right away on the cloths & got them almost all cut out that afternoon. The next day, my friend Harriet came to help me out & I was able to get all of the end panels sewn plus the front & back panels cut out. Just have to finish sewing the panels & the tablecloths are done. It was a quick job & all sewing was done on my serger. I even had matching thread on hand. I love quick projects like this. Tomorrow, I'm cutting out a skirt & jacket using Textile Studio's Skirt Trio pattern & Loes Hinse Piazza Jacket pattern. I hope these go quickly too as most of the construction will be on the serger. I'll go thru my stash in the morning to figure out which fabric to use.
Happy Sewing!