Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sewing Fall/Christmas 2011

This post is about the projects that I completed in November & December ... photo heavy so please enjoy. I cannot attest to be proficient in photography & my lighting is not the best. However, enjoy these ...

Dresses for St Jude Fundraiser ... here are the drawings from designer 6yr old Lauren Lewis, a St Jude cancer patient & the completed dresses. The first dress is a drop waist out of linen top & cotton skirt in the turquoise & lemon yellow colors that the child, Lauren Lewis, chose. The second dress is a 2 pc halter dress with glitter fairy dust hot pink top & poly silk charmeuse skirt. The dresses fit the models with the halter dress being a little short as the model had grown some since her measurements were taken in the summer. The St Jude Fashion Show Fundraiser collected almost $10,000.00. The dresses were either given to the models or auctioned off (not sure what happened). I have not heard anymore about this except an email thanking me for participating.

Christmas sewing for 2011 ... gifts that I made for my family & friends ... also added the Halloween costume that I made for my daughter & a blanket that I made for a friend. For the guys in my family, I chose designs that indicate their interests & embroidered on hand towels & for the girls in my family, I chose flour sack dishtowels to embroider designs. The photo was embroidered on a flour sack dishtowel & framed in an oak expresso frame. The designs were either built into my machine or downloaded from various sites. The angel is a Martha Pullen IEC design for 2011. The shirt was a gift for a friend. I had so much fun doing these gifts for family & friends.
Happy Sewing!!!

Reflections on 2011

Dear Readers, I am a terrible blogger but sometimes life just gets in the way. 2011 was a year of challenging health problems. I won't go into detail but I had 4 hospitalizations & 3 surgeries since April. My body is failing & there's not a lot that I can do about it. I just keep on sewing & helping others as I can. So let me bring you up to date with what's happened since my last post ...

I went on a sewing retreat for my birthday with 17 internet friends from around the world. It was a wonderful 5 days/4 nights get away about 30 minutes from home. I still cannot travel but I was so blessed to have these wonderful ladies come to me. It was one of the most wonderful birthdays ever.
We sewed, we laughed, we talked far into the night, & had a delightful experience as we shared our common love of sewing, prayer, & the internet which is what brought us together. Most touching was the faith service that we held for those with cancer, survivors, & those who went on to our Heavenly Father's home. I am so blessed to have these ladies as my friends.

In November, I finished the dresses for the St Jude fundraiser. I heard that they loved the dresses & I was happy to participate in this project. I was unable to attend the fundraiser but that was okay. Then I started my Christmas sewing or at least planned to. However due to 2 hospitalizations & 3 surgeries in November, I was not able to start until December after gathering my supplies. I ended up making 38 gifts for Christmas & finished all by December 23rd. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the last 2 packages mailed until after Christmas but at least they were done. I will be posting photos of these gifts in my next post as well as the dresses that I made for the fundraiser.

Christmas was quiet & wonderful with my daughter & husband. I got 3 new sewing DVDs as well as some presser feet for my Babylock serger & a new jacket plus gift cards for some of my favorite restaurants & some jewelry. I am truly blessed.

As I think back about 2011, I realize I am not invincible. There are mistakes that I made but I learned a lot more about myself too. I feel that 2012 is going to be a better year all the way around. I have developed a love of heirloom sewing & hope to incorporate more of these techniques into my wardrobe this year. I also love my Ellisimo & my Eclipse DX serger. Both make sewing such a pleasure. In spite of health challenges, I realize that I love teaching others to sew & create garments. I don't want to be paid for this as it comes naturally to me. I must do a better job on keeping track of my commitments & learn to say "No" more often. Life is fleeting & too important to get hung up on petty details & things that we thought would never change, do. In many ways, I feel that I have grown this year both in my sewing skills & in my personal life.

So treasure the moments that you have with your family as you never know when they will be taken away. This is a special gift that has been nurtured thru experience & an investment in your future. I believe that all talent comes as a gift from God so honor this, treasure your sewing skills, & honor those around you by sharing your gift with others.

Happy New Year!!!