Friday, February 15, 2013

Last Christmas Gift of 2012

Today, I got photos from my niece, Vani, on the last Christmas gift that I made in 2012. I didn't have time to take photos before shipping so I appreciate her sending them to me. My nephew, Kyle, is employed as Asst Dir of Media Relations for MS State University as is his wife, Vani.  Their logo is a Bulldog and their chant at ballgames is "Hail State". With Kyle being well over 6ft tall (closer to 6ft, 8in), I had to make a big blanket for him. I used 2yds of a maroon fleece from Hancock Fabrics for the base of the blanket and a yd of a light gray since I couldn't find white and cut it in half for the top and bottom of the blanket. It worked out perfectly. On the top of the blanket, I embroidered 5 bulldogs trying to space them evenly apart. Without a work surface table, it was a challenge but I think it looked good. On the bottom, I added the team chant and again tried to space it out evenly 3 times. I was very pleased with the results. Then I constructed the blanket and edged it entirely on my serger. Kyle was thrilled with his Christmas gift and uses on their bed.