Saturday, November 29, 2008

Advent Project Completed

The Advent project is completed and turned in to the church. It was a challenge because I scanned and copied a photo from a needlepoint book. I worked without instructions and a pattern. I'm very pleased with the finished product. I really felt honored to be asked to do this project. Here is a photo of the altar cloth taken today. Plus here is one of the three clerical stoles I made modeled by my DH. Now, I can get to my Christmas sewing. Found out also today that a devotional I wrote was published in our Advent book. I am really blessed.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Popping In

Just popping in to say hello to everyone. Am busy embroidering the Advent clerical stoles. On the right side of the stole will be the Star of Bethlehem and on the left will be the Cross. These are the samples of what it will look like. Of course, the stoles will be backed with batiste. The fabric is crepe and the thread used is a light gray Madeira rayon. Think that it looks great. Will post a photo when one is completed. Have to be done with project by Monday to turn into the church on Tuesday as it will close for the remainder of the week.
Also, I've updated my profile photo. Hubby took this one of me this afternoon after I got my hair cut today. Nothing like a little pampering for the holidays.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Preparing for Advent

Advent begins in 2 weeks. It is a season of joy, hope, and giving as we prepare ourselves for God's greatest gift. What does this have to do with sewing? Well, I have been asked to make 3 clerical stoles and paraments for the altar, pulpit and lectern. This is a gift of service to my church. The paraments and stoles are being made of royal blue crepe with a batiste backing. I'm embroidering a cross on the left side of the stoles and the Star of Bethlehem on the right. Blue is a symbol of hope. I feel so honored to be asked to do this project. Will post photos when finished. So what are you doing for Advent and the holiday season?