Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Sewing Craziness

This has been a very busy summer & fall is turning out to be that way too. I finished a sweet baby blanket for a friend's daughter's first birthday. She loved it. Then I'm replacing the lining in 2 pairs of pants for someone that I know from my beauty salon, Neuvo. On top of that I've been making chair bags for our church's kindergarten class & 2 dresses for a St Jude fundraiser that's due November 1st. It seems like I'm constantly sewing & loving every minute of it. I am also still doing alterations for church members & teaching others to sew on Saturday afternoons. Last week, I got my first taste of heirloom sewing by making a puffed pillow & a linen table runner. I took a class with Mary Jane Sprague & Sharie Behrquist, licensed Martha Pullen educators. I learned how to use a wing needle, join lace to lace, lace to entredeaux plus entredeaux to fabric & pintucks. I also learned how to shape lace & bias tape in a figure eight shape without any puckers. I had a wonderful time. Now, my brain is about to explode with the possibilities of projects to make as gifts. Today, I went to lunch with some friends at The Women's Exchange & gathered even more ideas. I have even figured out how to create my own lace as well as make my own entredeaux & lace panels. Oh, I don't even want to go anywhere except to sit at my sewing machines & sew. Unfortunately, I can do that for about 2 hours at a time before I get too tired. However, I've been going to our church's softball games on Thursday nights where I have been scorekeeper this season. I love softball/baseball/basketball & football games if I can go watch the game. Don't care about watching games on television. After the game, the team gathers at Sonic for a late night snack or in some cases, dinner. I sleep in the mornings & am on the go in the afternoons/evenings. Overall, life is very good. So what are you doing this fall?