Sunday, October 28, 2012

Birthday Surprise

I have the best hubby that there is. Last Friday (10/26), I joined the 60's Club when I started a new decade in my life. A lot of my sewing is away from home so I was wishing for a little sewing/embroidery machine to make easier for me to continue to do this. This little Sofia 2 fit the bill so I let hubby know that I really wanted it when I gave him a list of things that I wanted for my birthday. It helps him to shop for me and I get things that I really want as I include prices, places to shop and sizes. For him, it takes the stress off of trying to decide what I might like. My thoughts were that it was wwwaaayyy too expensive as the MSRP was $799.99. So on my birthday, we have a birthday luncheon instead of dinner at my favorite steakhouse. Afterwards, it was home to open gifts and rest (so I thought). My lovely daughter knows how much I love a good massage so I have a gift coupon to get a one hour massage at the Mid-South Chiropractic Office (will book that for one day next week) and I had a box wrapped in brown paper from hubby. Inside the box was a little folded card that said that this machine was mine and did I want to go pick it up that afternoon?  Well, YES!!! So, instead of a nap, off to the dealer we go. I was so surprised especially since hubby retired in August and I knew that our income was cut in half. I truly did not expect this wonderful gift. Not only did he get the machine for me but I also got a roll of water soluable stabilizer by Floriani, an Edge Joining presser foot and a Five Cord presser foot plus 4pkgs of embroidery needles. I am totally spoiled. This was one of my best birthday gifts ever. I think being 60 is going to be fun.
Happy Sewing!!!