Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Sewing 2013


As part of my mission group at church, our project for March is to provide clothing for a child in a nearby elementary school. The sizes could be anywhere from size 6-14. I chose size 14 and a Simplicity Lizzie McGuire pattern #4721. It was simple enough that I thought I could just "whip it out". LOL!!! I had some pink broadcloth and cut out the pattern. However, the fabric was very plain and needed something to make it special so I started to embroider butterflies on the dress. It took well over 7 hours to embroider the butterflies. I did not read the pattern pieces carefully enough and as I started to sew the bodice to the skirt, I kept having an oversized bodice so I cut it down. It still didn't look right so I started comparing pattern pieces. On the piece #5 side front and back of skirt, I had missed that I was supposed to cut 4 pieces not 2. Fortunately, I still had some pink broadcloth on hand so I would just cut the pieces. Then I realized that I had changed the size of the bodice in an effort to fix my mistake so I had to cut new bodice pieces too. Then I had to embroider them. I ran out of fabric so I used some white broadcloth to make the bodice lining. I was going to hand pick the zipper but at 11pm, I decided a zipper foot was needed as my eyes were wonky by then. As I started to press the dress, my iron shorted out on me. What else could go wrong? Well, after working on the dress another 5 plus hours, it was finally done. Here are the photos. I truly enjoy sewing and making children's clothing for underprivileged children is a joy in itself.
Happy Sewing!