Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sewing thru Summer

Over the past few months, I have been teaching and sewing a lot ... just not for myself. Our ASG chapter sews training dolls for St Jude Children's Hospital. I just finished up 12 dolls and turned them in. Our chapter's goal is to sew 50 dolls each quarter. It is very simple sewing. Here's a pic of what the dolls look like when done.
Also, I am making a little girl's baptismal dress and a little boy's baptismal bubble. The patterns are from Creations by Michie' "Infant Tucked Gown #108" and "Banded Boy Baby Bubble #107". The instructions are for a more advanced sewist but the outfits are very cute. Pictures will follow when I finish the details. My big project this summer is sewing a wedding gown for a friend at church. We will have a fitting of the muslin this evening and the completed gown will be made up by this coming weekend. She will send the gown out to be beaded at that time. The wedding is Aug 23rd. I am keeping very busy with sewing like a madwoman. Once these big projects are finished, I'm taking some time to sew Great Copy's Sedona Skirt for me and will be purging my sewing supplies, fabrics and notions. It will be a long process as I have 40+ years of accumulation of which a lot of it has been over the past 14 years. I realize that as hubby and I grow older, we need to downsize and not leave a huge mess for our daughter to handle.
Our daughter, Sarah, is in grad school at Wesley Theological Seminary. She is starting her 2nd year of working on a Master's of Divinity degree and is on track to become an ordained Deacon in the Methodist church. Her focus is on children and youth ministry. We are so proud of her and the young woman that she has become.

Happy Sewing Everyone!!!