Sunday, June 23, 2013

Spring Sewing ... Now On to Summer

This spring has been very, very busy for me. I think that I have sewn more in the past 2 months than I have over the past year (except for Christmas sewing) ... I love it. I made the Daisy Dress (sorry no pics) after the Butterfly dress. I made dolls for St Jude Children's Hospital. I made table decorations for a luncheon as well as a small altar cloth for my minister who just retired. Our UMW mission project was birthing and health kits for Haiti so I made 14 flannel baby blankets in one afternoon along with 14 burp cloths for another agency. Then I made 76 wash cloths for Jacob's Well, an inner city agency that works with homeless and disenfranchised families.

 I did lots of mending and alteration projects including replacing zippers, hemming, shortening, and bridal emergencies. A bridesmaid's dress needed the pleats stitched down. Somehow, the shop where she bought the gown forgot to stitch the fan pleats when they altered the gown. I've even had to sew someone in a dress when the zipper broke 30 minutes before the wedding. Now, I look forward to my summer sewing which includes a blouse for me, a summer jacket for me, a baptismal dress for a friend, more gowns for Threads of Love and sewing for Jacob's Well plus more hemming and alterations. I have 4 new students that are learning to sew so I am keeping very, very busy. Here are pics of some of my recent projects...

Monogrammed backpack ... ALA with intersecting block lettering ... that was fun (not) project for a church member and friend.
 The table doilies are stitched on white felt with a lace trim added. Used my serger for the project after the embroidery was finished
An altar cloth for my minister who retired and will be serving communion to home bound and nursing home residents. Sorry I didn't get it pressed as it was folded in my purse. Sonia Showalter designs and the Methodist cross and flame from an unknown digitizer.

This is just some of the work that I have done. I love to sew and teach sewing classes and just enjoy the creative process. Hope y'all enjoy the process too.
Happy Sewing!!!