Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Great Loss

Yesterday around 5pm, my beloved aunt, Olivia Myers, of New Orleans, LA died after a short illness. She was only 11 yrs older than I am and our birthdays were 2 days apart. She was like a big sister. What makes her so special to me is that she opened her home and took me in for 4 yrs during my early teens and left a huge impact on my life. She was so loving, compassionate, kind, sweet, gentle and willing to overlook the faults of others. My heart is just broken right now.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sewing ... Sewing ... and More Sewing

April has been a busy month sewing. I had a slew of alterations to do ... shorten straps on a bridesmaid's dress, replace a separating zipper in a heavy lined denim jacket, and replace an invisible zipper in a pair of crepe pants. Was able to get those alterations done by the first week of April. This week, our SAGA chapter, had a program on mini pressing sewing tools. I was able to finish our kit which gave me 2 small seam rolls and a mini pressing ham. It was fun to do and I was glad to be finished with it. It's rare that I start a project and am able to finish it within 24 hours. Here are photos of my mini sewing tools. Enjoy!!!