Friday, October 24, 2008


With the weather turning cooler, my nesting instincts kick in. There is something about fall that makes me want to have my home cozier. Feather my nest so to speak. So while the healing continues and my sewing is on hold, I have decided to transform the space within the parameters I have. My sewing room serves as my family's main living area. It is small with large pieces of furniture, storage bins and lots of sewing equipment plus clutter. It has an arched opening to the dining area that also stores my stacks of sewing books. There is an old-fashioned working floor furnace in the doorway. My challenge is to transform this room into an inviting place for my family and friends as well as to have a space to be creative. All of the furniture has to stay as these are family heirlooms passed thru the generations plus we want to have all of the modern conveniences. How do you balance these things so that the past can merge with the present?

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maryww said...

Hi Marty. This is Mary, former owner of Sew Whats New. Hope you are on the mend from your awful accident. It's nice to see you in such good spirits. You can email me anytime.

I have moved and our internet connection is touchy. If I don't respond, don't take offense, it's just that I am now waaaaay out in the boonies and we lose computer power quite easily. Enjoy your day.
Mary Wilkins