Friday, June 10, 2011

Removing Clutter

My family has told me that my sewing supplies, fabrics, projects in the works, etc are out of control. Mostly I ignore these comments but recently, I was reminded that there are others who do not have the financial means to purchase fabrics, supplies, patterns, etc. Grace Place Ministries works with women in prison in teaching them to sew as a creative outlet while serving their time. I have decided to go thru all of the many bins of fabric that I have accumulated as well as my patterns, notions, etc & put together some supplies for Grace Place Ministries. I know that physically that I will not be able to sew everything that I have so this is a way to share my love of sewing with others besides the classes that I teach. My question to you is "do you purge your fabrics, supplies, patterns, etc as you would your closets when they become too full?"


Tee said...

Yes, I do purge. My last recipient was a co-workers daughter who is taking classes. Before that, I filled my friend's care with stuff (she's a teacher and has an afternoon sewing club)! Kudos!!!!

Belinda said...

Yes I do too. I went through all of my quilting fabrics; pulled the ones I didn't think I would ever use and gave them to a quilter friend of mine. She was ecstatic! Made me feel good too.