Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sewing Fall/Christmas 2011

This post is about the projects that I completed in November & December ... photo heavy so please enjoy. I cannot attest to be proficient in photography & my lighting is not the best. However, enjoy these ...

Dresses for St Jude Fundraiser ... here are the drawings from designer 6yr old Lauren Lewis, a St Jude cancer patient & the completed dresses. The first dress is a drop waist out of linen top & cotton skirt in the turquoise & lemon yellow colors that the child, Lauren Lewis, chose. The second dress is a 2 pc halter dress with glitter fairy dust hot pink top & poly silk charmeuse skirt. The dresses fit the models with the halter dress being a little short as the model had grown some since her measurements were taken in the summer. The St Jude Fashion Show Fundraiser collected almost $10,000.00. The dresses were either given to the models or auctioned off (not sure what happened). I have not heard anymore about this except an email thanking me for participating.

Christmas sewing for 2011 ... gifts that I made for my family & friends ... also added the Halloween costume that I made for my daughter & a blanket that I made for a friend. For the guys in my family, I chose designs that indicate their interests & embroidered on hand towels & for the girls in my family, I chose flour sack dishtowels to embroider designs. The photo was embroidered on a flour sack dishtowel & framed in an oak expresso frame. The designs were either built into my machine or downloaded from various sites. The angel is a Martha Pullen IEC design for 2011. The shirt was a gift for a friend. I had so much fun doing these gifts for family & friends.
Happy Sewing!!!

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"Here comes treble" is hilarious! Great blog! Thanks for commenting on the "I Love My Dressmaker" page on Facebook!