Friday, April 20, 2012

Feeling a Little Bionic ...

This week I had surgery to correct a heart rhythm problem & spent the week in the hospital. After 4 hospitalizations last year due to low blood pressure & an ER trip earlier this year, my cardiologist decided that I needed a Holter monitor test. That showed my blood pressure & heart rate were reaching dangerous levels. On Tuesday, I had an Electro Physiology study done which is a surgical procedure done on an outpatient basis that measures the electrical impulses of your heart rhythm. He decided that I needed a pacemaker/defibillator implanted in my chest. So on Wednesday morning, I had surgery for this & got a Medtronic ICD put in my left shoulder area. I was in surgery for 3-1/2 hours & then in recovery for a half hour. They gave me 4 doses of Dilaudid for pain so I was pretty loopy all day. Yesterday, I felt better & walked a little in the hospital hallway & knitted. Today, I was released from the hospital & am glad to be home with a working heart. Hopefully, this will keep my heart in rhythm & I can give up going to the hospital every few months. On top of that, I got my new wheelchair on Monday. Am feeling much, much better. Thanks for all of the prayers & well wishes.


Lori said...

So happy to hear you are home. Take care of yourself.

Joyce in NC said...

Sending you my prayers for a speedy recovery.