Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Sewing 2012

These past few weeks I have sewing Christmas gifts for my family members and a few friends. I have made over 100 gift items for everyone. While I can't post the photos until after Christmas, I can post 3 items that I made that are non-Christmas gifts. The first item is a stocking for my great niece/nephew that is due in May 2013. The parents refer to the baby as Maity which is a play on their last name and their love for the water. They even went on a "babymoon cruise" for Thanksgiving week. I thought that this was a cute idea and I was able to make it while dinner was cooking.

The second gift that I made was for a new adoptive family's baby. As representative from my church for Hannah's Hope Adoption Services, I learned that a family was able to adopt a little boy. I thought it would be nice to make something for them for the nursery. So, I whipped this up for the new family. The minister/administrator for Hannah's Hope will deliver the gift this week. I used a white felt square and a Sonia Showalter design. The scripture is in Madeira Rayon royal blue with brown and off white for the bassinet and netting. You can't really see the baby which is in flesh tone and the baby's blanket which is in pale blue. I did this while dinner was cooking and had a frame that wasn't in use. It fit perfectly in the fram with a little trimming.

Today, I had been invited to a baby shower for a friend's daughter. My friend will become a grandmother for the first time. I wanted the gift to be something special, so I stitched this up last night after dinner. It is white felt squares cut into the shape of  a stocking. I used Madeira Rayon thread and the design is from Sonia Showalter. The bassinet is of brown thread with a golden tint and the lace is an off white. The scripture is done in a dark purple and the edge stitching is in a soft pink. Perfect for a little girl. The baby in the bassinet is in flesh tone with the same soft pink as the edging for the blanket. Sorry about the bad lighting. I used a satin stitch around the edge of the stocking and on the tab and finished it with my pinking shears.

Sewing brings me inner peace so I try to sew something every day or read about sewing.
Merry Christmas and Happy Sewing Everyone!!!

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