Tuesday, January 8, 2013


During my marathon Christmas sewing, my Ellisimo machine started acting up toward the end. I would turn it off and on and it would reset so I thought all was well. I now have over 3 million stitches on my machine and it is only a little over 2yrs old as I sew constantly for family & friends. Tonight, I went to do a repair on something for my hubby and my Ellisimo would not work at all. All of the upper buttons that control the needle threader, up/down needle position, presser foot and thread cutter are all frozen. Even putting in the foot pedal would not let me sew a basic straight stitch. It's as if the circuit board has stopped working. I am so frustrated. Repairs are not in the budget as I just spent over $400 today having my oven repaired. Ugh ... I am thankful that I do have the Sofia that I can use but it hasn't been out of its case since October. At least, it is still under warranty if something is wrong with it. I did call my dealer last week to ask for an estimate on cleaning my Ellisimo and was quoted several hundred dollars. I am just very upset right now about this unexpected expense since we have to pay college tuition and buy books next week. So, for the most part, my sewing is on hold unless I set my Sofia up to sew. I won't do that until the house renovations are done. Our new windows are due to arrive this week or early next week. 2013 is not starting out to be a good year.
Happy Sewing!

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Jodie Hickman said...

So sorry to hear about your Ellisimo sewing machine. That is a high price for cleaning. I may be not happy with my Pfaff or the amount of time the dealer keeps it to clean, but I still get cleaning for free. I think I get one more. I hope the sophie works out for you. I still haven't learned my 4D embroidery software!