Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ellie's a Dream

My new sewing machine "Ellie" is a dream to use. On Friday, I hemmed a top that I had made using the triple stretch stitch. It looked great. I did break a needle & got thread knotted up at the beginning as I started too close to the edge. Couldn't find the tip of the needle so I'll call the dealer later today to see if I need to bring it in. After I finished that, I wanted to try out the embroidery feature. So, I pulled out an old hand towel & selected a Nancy Zieman floral design & proceeded to embroider the towel. About halfway thru the 3rd color, the bobbin ran out of thread. Well, it was easy (so I thought) to wind a new bobbin. Got the bobbin thread all tangled on the bobbin spindle. I spent almost an hour getting that mess cleaned up. Finally got the bobbin wound & changed out & then lined up my design again. It would have been easier if I had saved the original settings but I didn't. The design may be a little off but I couldn't tell. Hubby thought it looked great. Will take photos later. I do love my new machine especially the auto threading feature which is great for my aging eyes. Even with bi-focals, I trouble seeing. Darn that old astigmatism. Hope everyone is enjoying their machines & creating some wonderful projects. Happy Sewing!

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