Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sewing Plans for 2013

Now, another year has begun and I will start my sewing projects by sewing for others. That is usually what I end up sewing 90% of the time. This year, I am continuing sewing for Threads of Love by making preemie burial gowns. Then I will finish some dresses for Children in Africa as well as make some dolls for the children at St Jude's Children's Research Hospital. These are teaching dolls to inform the children what will be happening to their bodies while undergoing treatment. This will be a fundraiser for our ASG chapter as well as helping out St Jude. We have been asked to make 40 dolls a month. That's a huge commitment so I'm hoping my fellow guild members will help with this project. Starting on Jan 12th, I will resume my Saturday afternoon "Sit & Sew" classes. It is a 3hr weekly commitment from Jan to Oct. Anyone within the community can come in and sew or get help with a project or take sewing lessons. I do have extra machines for those without one to use. In between these projects, I will sew for myself.
Happy Sewing!

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Tee said...

Oh what a blessing you are!!!!