Monday, August 4, 2014

A New Machine

While sewing on the wedding dress, both of my sergers went on strike. Hubby took them in for repairs and came home with the new Babylock Ovation serger for me. He traded my Pfaff 4874 and all of the presser feet that went with it for the Ovation. I am beyond thrilled. I am so excited and it is so easy to use. Guess that takes care of his shopping for me for my birthday and Christmas this year.

Happy Sewing!!!


Tee said...


Amy in LA said...

Dear Marty: thanks for all that you do for the Babylock serger list, and I am so thrilled for you that your sweet husband bought you the Ovation! You certainly deserve it! I am sure the wedding dress is stunning-hope to see pictures. Blessings, Amy in LA

linynp said...

Wow Marty!! Congrats! And he's a keeper!

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