Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shopping Day

Today was a great day for shopping. My local Hancock Fabric store was not crowded and I had plenty of room to maneuver my wheelchair. I missed the pattern sales but ended up purchasing 2 Vogue patterns by Claire Schaeffer. One is a pants pattern Vogue #7881 and the other is jacket pattern #8519. Both patterns have couture techniques which I think will be fun to try. I haven't done any tailoring in years but this will be a great challenge for me. Just wish I could have gotten them for $3.99 but I missed that sale last week. At least this time, they were in my size. Didn't find any fabric which called my name but I did pick up some needed thread and note cards. I also bought the new Vogue pattern magazine. I'll have some great reading tomorrow. That's when the sales start on the Simplicity patterns but I won't have an opportunity to go there then. Oh well, a day late and a dollar short as the saying goes.

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