Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Sewing Goodies

While my eyes heal from an infection, I've been perusing the internet for sewing goodies. Some of the things I have bought recently included a cable for my Pfaff 7570 sewing/embroidery machine, "Cool Couture: Construction Secrets for Runway Style" sewing book by Kenneth King, a Fashion Design Ruler from SewTrue plus a DVD by Roberta Carr on Couture Techniques from CD Universe. I believe that all of these things will help to improve my sewing/embroidery skills. Also bought some new serger threads from Atlanta Thread Supply. DH surprised me by renewing my subscription to Threads magazine for another 3 years plus 2 years for Sew News & ordered Designs in Machine Embroidery for me as well as Creative Machine Embroidery magazines. It's been a lot of searching the internet for sewing goodies. So, what new sewing goodies have you tried?


gwensews said...

I'm interested in "Cool Couture". Is it a great book? I'd like to see a review of it, then maybe I would buy it.

I haven't bought anything interesting for a while.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

One I found lately that I really like and did not think I would is the little gypsy gripper. I thought it would be just another gadget....but I use it and I like it.

The other one I found that I think is really worth the money is the Piping Hot Binding. I like to put piping around the binding on my wall hangings.

I enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh - a Pfaff 7570! I wish I had brought home one of those whenI closed my shop in 1990. Then I"d have embroidery for the few times I might want it. I have and sew on my Mom's 7550 and it is just great for most things.
Just found your blog through a post of yours on Creative Machine.
Wonderful work - your ministry in sewing or others. How did you get it started? Do you do this for free then? I'm sure God is smiling at your use of your talents in His name.