Thursday, August 14, 2008


This week I'm knitting a prayer shawl thru a program at our church. Years and years ago, I learned the basics of knitting but have forgotten most of it. I cannot remember how to perl so I'm just using the basic knit stitch. I finished one shawl (?) which looks more like a lap robe and am working on the 2nd one which looks like a long scarf. The yarn is very soft and should provide comfort to the recipient. This is good for me as it forces me to sit and think about "life" issues while I wait in doctors' offices or for the latest test results. While knitting I pray for our congregation in general. I try to visualize which member will get the shawl and wonder if it will bring them comfort. What are some of the things that bring you comfort so that you feel loved when things are not going so well?


Anonymous said...

Marty, when Larry was diagnosed , we were at Church Health Center. One of the large churches makes prayer shawls to be given out 3 per month. We received one and I immediately began holding it for comfort. Later Larry kept it close for the same reason. I still have it. What you are doing is wonderful. Nothing brought us comfort like the prayer shawl.

Love your blog!

Beth H said...

Marty, That's wonderful. I made my sister a "blessings" scarf when she was going through her divorce. It was a comfort for me to make it and for her to receive it. All that prayer is bound to be a good thing for both you and the recipient!