Friday, August 29, 2008

Obstacles ... Real or Imagined

Are our obstacles to sewing real or imagined? Do we have to wait until we find the perfect fabric, the perfect pattern or the perfect notions before we sew? Of course not. However, often we create barriers because we are afraid of failure. There's no point in sewing if it isn't going to fit is one comment I hear time and again. My response is "how do you know unless you try". Fitting is a lifelong journey as we gain a better understanding of our bodies and develop our own sense of style. Anything I sew (whether it is perfect or not) is much better than I can find in a shop or online. What I sewed 30 years ago when I was in my 20's are not the styles that I sew today in my 50's. My body has changed and is not as firm as it once was. Also, in my 20's I needed a career wardrobe, now my lifestyle is casual at best. A pair of slacks or a skirt, nice top, and a lightweight jacket are all I need for any social occasion that pops up. There are not any parties or formal events in my life nor likely will there be in the future. However, I still create obstacles for myself. As I ponder about this, I challenge you to think about the obstacles in your sewing and how do you get around them. What holds you back?

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